The Internet and the way in which people in the public interact with data is rapidly changing. There are two companies that are trailblazing a new approach to this high speed industry, constantly striving for the next big thing. Zebra Technologies, a leading company that provides real-time user data into organization, and ARM, the top leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier have joined forces. Zebra will now be implementing ARM technology into their cloud-based platform sensor ecosystem that will have the capability of easily transmitting data across on open source API.

This is truly an exciting collaboration of companies in effort to drive the sensor based model of monitoring and creating activity based on specific rules. The global Internet is currently being analyzed to move in this direction. The time for this announcement could not have been any better, both companies are leaders in their own right and have a joint vision of success.

The fact that their aim is to allow information to be utilized via open source API, is also very exciting. This permits independent developers to implement their dreams when they tap into the system. The application of many engineers at work is when the true advances in technology are realized. Zebra and ARM recognize this fact, and will be continuing their development into the future.

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