How QR Codes are Used in ID Cards

Quick Response codes or QR codes are 2-D barcodes that were originally developed for use by the car manufacturer,Toyota, to track parts. Now, QR codes have many uses, including be able to confirm the identification of employees.

Unlike bulky card identification systems, QR codes can be read from smartphones with a QR reader app. Here are ways that QR codes are used in ID cards.

In the past, security guards had to look at the card’s picture and match the photo with the person standing in front of them. This was time consuming and inaccurate, and could be circumvented if there was a line of people waiting to get in. With QR codes, the person simply has to present their badge for reading, thus making reading it easy.

Certifications and Training
Depending on the type of software and database used, employers can use the ID card to track certifications and training. No longer do employers have to reissue ID cards to show that their employees have proper training and certifications when a scan can show whether they do or do not. Depending on the data in a database, you can limit employees to access to certain areas. Data can have passwords as required to ensure privacy and security.

Lower Cost Option
Unlike smartcards, ID cards with QR codes are low cost and an alternative for any company that is on a tight budget. Anyone with a smartphone and a QR reader app can read them, thus making them ideal for smaller companies. Depending on the database software a company can store whatever information the company needs on their employees and link it to their badge. This can improve productivity, security, and safety.

QR codes work well for ID cards and badges due to their low cost, instant access to a database, and security features. Companies that need to have a way to identify employees should look at QR coded ID cards as a lower cost alternative to smartcards.

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