HID Global Announces New Technology for Outdoors and Rugged Environments

The logistics of moving one item across town or overseas has evolved into a highly sophisticated industry. What was once a process of horse and carrriage is now a complex automated system of tracked items, digital records, and fast delivery. An entire group of technology sprouted up in order to track items quickly and easily – this is typically done via RFID (a radio frequencey identification chip).

HID Global, a leader in providing logisitics technologies, has recently released new features to its SlimFlex Tag wheelhouse. These smart devices are super rugged and transmit information about the items they are attached to. The important factor in pushing these technologies further into the future is to make sure they can withstand contacting any element, like water, heat, cold as well as being strong in case of collisions. The new features of SlimFlex Tags took that challenge and HID Global fully delivered.

The new addtions are the following:

  • New SlimFlexTags are readable with ISO/IEC 15693 compatible Near Field Communications (NFC) and other high frequency (HF) RFID devices.
  • Unique SlimFlex housings tolerate repeated bending and withstand rugged outdoor use.
  • The pliable, durable SlimFlex Tag transponders are available in HF and ultra high frequency (UHF) options.

These tags are the ultimate release in reliable tracking systems for a variety of communications. Many people never even consider the level of detail and technology to keep track of inventory or other shipped items. HID Global continues to raise the bar in this industry. They are a silent giant offering valuable industry standards to help protect, locate, and manage local and global logistics.

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