Barcodes vs. QR Codes

No matter the industry that you’re operating in, if you sell physical products, you’re going to need to label them with barcodes or QR codes. Here’s a quick look at these types of codes to help you choose the best ones to use.

If the information you need to store within a code is minimal, then barcodes will likely meet your needs. This includes data relating to price and inventory. A barcode itself is exactly as you would imagine; a series of vertical lines that usually run up and down with numbers at the bottom of them.

When it comes to the preferred method of selling and keeping track of items, barcodes tend to be the go to solution for most companies. Even schools give students cards with barcodes on them that help them keep track of attendance. There is no special encoder that has to be used to print a barcode. In fact, almost any type of printer can print a barcode.

QR Codes
QR Codes are different from barcodes in that they can hold a massive amount of data. these codes are meant to be scanned by a consumer so that additional information can be acquired about the product being looked at. These codes can also store phone numbers, addresses, inventory data and much more.

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