Hospitals and medical professionals rely on Zebra Technologies for patient identification. Now Zebra Technologies introduces their LaserBand ST. The LaserBand ST is a low cost and durable band that is strong enough to last for patients’ identification in outpatient clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. Easy to Use Identification Within the US there are approximately 5300 [...]

How QR Codes are Used in ID Cards

Quick Response codes or QR codes are 2-D barcodes that were originally developed for use by the car manufacturer,Toyota, to track parts. Now, QR codes have many uses, including be able to confirm the identification of employees. Unlike bulky card identification systems, QR codes can be read from smartphones with a QR reader app. Here [...]

Tips on Selecting the Perfect ID Software

Creating ID cards at a business has become a common practice. There are softwares that are specifically designed to make creating ID cards for your business a simple process. Like most software on the market, there are many to choice from, making it a more difficult decision. Here are a few tips to get you [...]

HID Global Announces New Technology for Outdoors and Rugged Environments

The logistics of moving one item across town or overseas has evolved into a highly sophisticated industry. What was once a process of horse and carrriage is now a complex automated system of tracked items, digital records, and fast delivery. An entire group of technology sprouted up in order to track items quickly and easily [...]