Advantages of Printing ID Cards In-House

When deciding whether or not to print ID cards in house, we often think it might be better if we let someone else handle the work. The reality, however, is that printing ID cards in house is often more advantageous than having another company handle the printing. Here’s why.

Maintaining Security
While there are many companies capable of doing a great job on our cards, the reality is that another company is handling our cards. That opens up a huge breach in security, especially if our company handles sensitive information or has cutthroat competitors. By producing our our ID cards, we know who has access to the printers, who develops them, and who is truly in control of the cards. In other words, we can identify if there is a security breach faster than if our cards were reproduced at another company.

Card Redesign
If our company needs several different types of cards, it’s easy to have our own employees redesign the cards to suit our needs. Or if we need to change the look of the cards issued, we can do it in house rather than pay set up fees over and over again for different cards. What’s more, if the card isn’t right, there’s no back and forth between companies. Instead, we can request that the change be made and if the employee is trained in design and on the software, he or she can easily make the changes to suit our needs..

The start up for printing our cards may be more expensive at first, but the savings are apparent once we have our equipment. In the short run, yes, sending the cards out is cheaper, but in the long run, having our employees create our cards is lower cost. The only cost after purchasing the equipment is the expense of card stock and time it takes to train employees how to design, create, and issue the cards.

As we see, creating our own cards in house is preferable to contracting another company to create cares for us. In this way we can have full control of the design, security, and the costs of the cards.

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